Monday, 22 December 2014

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 035: Fluxion

Fluxion (Kostas Soublis) is a Greek producer that has been active for more than 10 years, with 6 full length albums and 12 EP / LP releases on Chain Reaction, Vibrant Music, Resopal and Echocord. His releases have been remixed by Deadbeat, Thomas Fehlmann, Rod Modell, Morphosis and Convextion amongst others. Fluxion's music includes different genres of electronic music, ambient, dub, experimental, techno, with sound design. His music has a characteristic of slowly evolving parts and contemplating elements which form lengthy musical pieces. His sounds are heavily processed to a point where the origin of a sound has little to do with the end result.

Epic in scope with a bit of the clicks & cuts approach synonymous with artists such as Vladislav Delay, much of Fluxion's best Chain Reaction work was compiled on teo Vibrant Forms albums. He went silent for a few years but resurfaced with a somewhat bolder approach on the 2009-2013 releases through Resopal and Echocord. At the end of 2013 Type reissued Fluxion's "Vibrant Forms" with 10 tracls that had been released in 1999 on the legendary Berlin imprint Chain Reaction and 2014 he made his brilliant comeback with releasing a new album (CD + 2LP) called "Broadwalk Tales" on Echocord, featuring the Jamaican vocalist Teddy Selassie.

Naturally, we were delighted to invite Fluxion to join our podcast family, and the mix he has put together perfectly illustrates why he's been one of the top artists in his field for a decade. Oozing lush textures, evolving atmospheres and blissful dub overtones, this mix is one to immerse yourself within it's warming glow.

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 034: UVB

UVB is the pseudonym of the French DJ and producer, Sébastien Michel. He grew up with the passion for music and focused his attention on electronic music in 2011 whine he decided to start producing. In the meantime, he started his DJ project in his home city, Marseille, playing in underground places and delivering his own vision of Techno Music. Late 2012, he worked on several music projects in different styles of electronic music which comforted him in his choice for raw and hard tones.

In 2013, UVB concentrated on his techno project, started to develop his own version of a live which is a DJ set only composed of his own productions, and played it at clubs in Berlin (Urban Spree, Tresor). His first EP was released on the Rotterdam based label MORD Records in June 2014 and has been supported by some of the biggest names of the Techno scene such as Surgeon, Marcel Dettmann, Lucy or even Tommy Four Seven.

UVB's sound combines energetic tones with intricate rhythms, and always focuses on a true rave feeling by it's functionality and it's rawness. This mix, that effortlessly blends techno of varying energy levels whilst maintaining the same tempo, if proof of why he's become one of techno's most hotly tipped rising stars.

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Token Records present Aphelion [Token048]

2007 was a strange year for techno. Dancefloors worldwide were hooked by the minimal craze, vinyl sales were in a massive slump, Europe was gripped by widespread recession and Berghain was relatively unknown to those outside of Berlin. With this in mind, if someone told you they were going to start a record label, and press on vinyl, you'd probably have told them that they'd be mad to do so. But Kr!z, driven by a need for an artistic outlet, had other ideas.

Armed with tracks from Inigo Kennedy, Sub Space, Ø Phase and Radial, he pitched his stall and made his statement of a new darker direction that techno could take. Token Records was born and the result was music made for dark basements rather than huge arena's hired by promoter with bottomless production budgets. As the years have rolled by releases from Inigo Kennedy and Ø Phase have continued and spattered amongst them has been EPs from the likes of Oscar Mulero, Go Hiyama, Xhin, Mark Broom and Eschaton as well as the roster additions of Ctrls and Rødhåd, which have been received with critical acclaim from all corners of the techno world and has helped cement the labels position at the forefront of our ever enhancing scene.

As we reach the present day, Token Records present us with 'Aphelion' to serve as a celebration of their achievements to date and as a prelude to what the future looks like for the Belgium imprint. Collecting together label mainstays, techno legends and bright new stars was only going to end in something spectacular, covering the expansive tapestry of sounds that make up what we class as techno. There's no warm up as we're thrown straight into what seems like the Army Ants march to war with Ø Phase's 'Insectoid'. Lucy drops the pace with 'Sana Sana Sana Cura Cura Cura' and his subtle use of modular rhythms before Ctrls ups the ante with the frantic progression of 'X.Y.'

Rødhåd continues the heady vibe with 'Haumea' and it's trippy synth patterns that intertwine with each other in oscillating waves and slowly enslave your subconscious. 'The 808 Track (Parts 1 & 2)', from Luke Slater's Planetary Assault Systems alias, makes tremendous use of the classic 808 sounds that have been a staple of techno since it's inception. The UK techno legend run continues as James Ruskin utilises almost playful, infectiously jacking programming on 'No Trace' and Surgeon showcases his heavily distorted industrial sound on 'Fixed Action Pattern'.

Inigo Kennedy, no less of a UK techno legend himself, mixes heavy kicks and aggressive percussion with emotive lead lines for those late night transcendent moments. Not wanting to go out on a whimper, they've rounded off with one of the most exciting additions to UK techno in the shape of Blawan and Pariah's double act, Karenn, and their 'Pace Yourself' which does anything but. Stabs drenched in reverb overlay gothic bells which perch delicately on top of a relentless 4/4 kick drum to leave you craving more when you reach the final curtain.

If this album is to be a statement of everything that Token Records embodies, then they're definitely going with the attitude of put your strongest foot forward. And what results is a structurally sound fortress of techno that could withstand anything nature, or man, could throw at it. It's solid as the day is long and bound together with quality from every junction. The journey to this point has been a very fruitful one for Token and the future is one that should be observed very closely.

If you're still not sold on whether you should buy this from our words alone, you can stream the full album from the Soundcloud player below. You can buy the Triple Vinyl + CD pack now from Juno as well as all your other esteemed outlets. For more info on Token Records, head over to their Facebook Fan Page

Monday, 20 October 2014

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 033: Van Bonn

Nothing but his real name. The German artist and producer Van Bonn is a true traveller in music and life. After formulating a language of drones, hip-hop, hardcore-metal, instrumental rock and techno, Van Bonn presents his transcriptions of his journey in 2014 and onwards.

Reimut Van Bonn played drums in a hardcore-metal band besides producing hip-hop before he joined the well known German instrumental rock band 'Long Distance Calling' which went Top 40 in the German charts. Van Bonn contributed his deepness to the band's sound by using, manipulating and dubbing various electronic instruments and audio sources. Moreover Van Bonn recorded loads of 'mostly ambient drone stuff', as he says, for his alter ego Kadrage, to be kept safe under his bed. While living in Berlin, Van Bonn started to create his very own cosmos of sounds to transfer all this into techno.

Van Bonn's participation in the dub techno label, Telrae, which he did not only record for and where he is recognised as a soulmate of a collective of 5 people, already established as a tastemaker in this scene. Still a musician on the rise, he gave his debut on his own label Van Bonn Records with the vinyl EP 'Gradient' in April 2013 which was perceived very well with techno DJs, tastemakers and people who just loved music. But it was his EP about skydiver 'Baumgartner', released in October 2013, that was hailed as a masterpiece and which accounted for a small break through in his career.

Now located in Copenhagen, Van Bonn takes a new perspective on techno to travel and ride the waves of sound without ignorance and abuse, he is a human hellfire after all.

It was through his released on Telrae that was first discovered Van Bonn and we've been fans ever since. Traversing the blurred lines of dub and techno, his music very much fits our tastes, and whether it's through his productions or DJ sets, Van Bonn's creative skills are on show for all to admire. The mix is no exception as it draws you in with it's heavy bass, encapsulating rhythms and immersive atmospheres and holds you there until releasing you in the most delicate of fashions.

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1) Van Bonn - Valid [Trapez]
2) Tester Peter - Rapture (Ron Costa Remix) [Trapez]
3) Stevie Wilson - Impact (Taster Peter Remix) [Organism]
4) Mark Fanciulli - Chord Chaos [Planet E]
5) Kaiserdisco - Choas [Drumcode]
6) Marcel Dettmann - A Req (T++ Remix) [MDR] / Lucy & Xhin - LX3 [CLR]
7) Ben Sims Feat T. Cooper - Feel It Deep (Sandwell District Remix) [Drumcode]
8) Marcel Dettmann - Push [Ostgut Ton]
9) Van Bonn - Polygraph [Trapez]
10) Randomer - Stupid Things I Do (New School Mix) [Clone Basement Series]
11) Equalized - #111 03 [Equalized]
12) Roberto Clementi - When You [Soma]
13) Peter Van Hoesen - Rapture's Coming [Time To Express]

More information on Van Bonn can be found on his Facebook Fan Page. For the rest of the mixes in our series head over the Podcast Page on the Slash Dot Dash website

Monday, 15 September 2014

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 032: TM404

TM404 is the brain child of Swedish producer, and analog legend, Andreas Tilliander. The project, released on Kontra Musik, was a homage to his love of vintage Roland hardware. Using nothing else but two 202s, four 303s, two 606s, a 707 and an 808 he expertly crafted an improvised work of experimental genius. Andreas utilised Roland's x0x series in a fashion unlike anyone else to create of vision of dub techno that's enthralling, relaxing and uplifting all at the same time.

TM404 is just one of a long line of projects under Tilliander's belt. During the last 15 years he's released music ranging from classic dub techno to experimental soundscapes and dubstep to peak time dance floor techno. All this can be found under his own name, as well as the aliases Mokira, Lowfour, Rechord, Komp, Kondens (with Stefan Thor), part of the bands Bulgur Brothers and Skitus and finally his newest project, forth coming on Semantica, Svaag, on esteemed labels such as Raster Noton, Prologue, Echocord, Skudge, Kontra Musik and many more.

The TM404 live show has entertained and impressed audiences worldwide at clubs and festivals like Berghain, Mutek, Culture Box and CTM Festival, and has been a regular at Richie Hawtin's Enter parties at Ibizan super club Space. With new music coming in the next few months, as Svaag on Semantica, as Mokira on SELF and new TM404 material, firstly on Skudge and a TM404 remix pack from Svreca on Kontra Musik, winter is shaping up to be a very exciting time for the Swede, as it is for his fans.

We asked him to join our podcast family and he duly obliged with a TM404 DJ mix that encapsulates all this is Andreas Tilliander. Effortlessly gliding from experimental to acid, to elegant dub techno before venturing into the world of hypnotic techno, touching the fringes of DnB then back to stripped out techno, culminating in a swan song of early 80s dub.

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1) Peder Mannerfelt - Lines Describing Circles [Digitalis]
2) AFX - Analogue Bubblebath 5 Track 7 [Rephlex]
3) Helena Hauff - Корабль—макет [Panzerkreuz Records]
4) Echologist - Good Bye [Prologue Records]
5) Cio D'Or - Ur [Telrae]
6) Unknown Artist - Knowone 015 [Konwone]
7) Answer Code Request - Ghostas [Ostgut Ton]
8) Rrose - White/Drip [EAUX]
9) Ben Buitendijk - Colourblind [Field Records]
10) Acid Lindgren - Aphex Schulman
11) Donato Dozzy - Gol [Dozzy Records]
12) Skudge - Ontic [Skudge]
13) Sterac - Track 2 [Klockworks]
14) General Ludd - Burning Mack [Autonomous Africa]
15) Daniel Araya - No Hope
16) Psyk - L3 [Mote Evolver]
17) Shelley Parker - Drill
18) Surgeon - Fixed Action Pattern (Dub) [Token]
19) Svaag - Saaade [Semantica]
20) Love Joys - Gimme Back [Wackies]

More information on Andreas Tilliander and all his projects can be found on his Facebook Fan Page. We especially recommend you check out his Youtube Page for many incredible videos including the records of a number of tracks from the TM404 album. For the rest of the podcasts in the series, head over to the Podcast Page on the Slash Dot Dash Website.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 031: Tripeo

A soundtrack for dark cellars and strobe filled clubs, moulded from a pure and uncut techno template. That's what Darko Esser's Tripeo alter ego is only and all about. His 'Frist Trip' debut at the end of 2012 took the techno scene by storm and received massive support from key figures around the globe. Now that the dust has started to settle down, it has become clear that Tripeo is here to stay.

2013 saw him unleash a relentless schedule including releases & remixes on Theory, BALANS, Pole Group, Deep Sound Channel as well as 4 new vinyl only Trips on his self titled imprint, and 2013 has been blessed with the launch of the first Tripeo album, 'Anipintiros' which has been really well received amongst techno circles and beyond. This podcast features a number of tracks from the LP. Tripeo is a force to be reckoned with on stage as well, as he proved in his machine funk driven live shows as well as tireless hypnotic DJ sets in some of the finest clubs and festivals around.

We're delighted to welcome Tripeo to our podcast family with this tremendous live set. Having witnessed the show n the flesh, we know just how impressive an experience it is, and one you should definitely make a point of capturing for yourself. Till then, sit back and enjoy the ride and by the time it's finished, we know you'll be checking out his upcoming gigs.

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 030: Dimi Angelis

When considering his status as a beloved and respected member of the contemporary Amsterdam techno scene, it's sometimes easy to forget Dimi Angelis was among the founding members of the very culture that helped shape it. Promoting illegal raves and warehouse parties and puting his first needle on a record back when 'underground' was still a definable term. Dimi now holds well over a decade of international DJ-ing experience. I shouldn't come as a surprise then that this is directly reflected by his record collection, musical knowledge and technical ability which all easily match, and in most cases, surpass that of many.

Such an extensive frame of reference enables Dimi to look at 'techno' through a unique and highly personal lens. Well aware of the genres fluid boundaries, ever changing trends and the impact of continually developing technology, Dimi is able to elegantly step outside of the pre-determined fabric and in a sense mould it's essential elements into something that feels familiar but upon more careful observation, or rather listening, is actually quite special.

Putting personality and outspoken taste first, his DJ sets are always remarkable and at no point predictable, more so because he does not believe in easy pleasing/ Strongly opinionated and unafraid to speak on his thoughts, the records and flow incorporated in a Dimi Angelis set are equally straightforward and honest. What you see is in Dimi's case really what you get, but it always comes wrapped in something appropriately unexpected.

In 2003 he joined forces with good friend Jeroen Search and together they have since launched multiple successful projects including outstanding live acts 'Counterpart' and 'Dimi Angelis and Jeroen Search' as well as their own newly founded vinyl only imprint, 'A&S'. Under the first mentioned guise of Counterpart they are responsible for lauded EP's such as 'Ion' 01 and 02 on the sub-label of Rachmad's Scorp of the same name, 'Oxygenating; and 'The Next Level' on Audiosculpture and 'The Martian Mystique' on Jeff Mills' Mission (6277/Axis). More recently they have put out characteristic quality techno on their own A&S label, Balans, Stockholm Ltd, Smallville, Figure SPC and Traut as simply Dimi Angelis and Jeroen Search. 2014 sees the launch of ANGLS, Dimi's first imprint, to release his own material. With the first EP dropping in the next few weeks, this will act as the platform where he can represent the throbbing, hypnotic sound of Dimi Angelis.

Dimi's list of played clubs and festivals is nothing short of respectably long and includes Awakenings, Kozzmozz, Tresor, Rex, Berghain, Doornroosje, Paradiso, Dekmantel, Welcome To The Future, Free Your Mind, Rockit, Mysteryland, Club One, Stubnitz and even the late Innercity. Clearly deeming this list to be far from long enough however, Dimi's set on doing in the future what he's always done and still does best, play great techno, make you move your feet until they're sore and give you a little something to smilingly contemplate.

Naturally we say this about all our podcasts, but this addition from Dimi really is something a little but special. When searching through some old boxes he discovered a bunch of old CDs, on of which contained a recording, from 9 years ago, of Dimi Performing on he infamous East German transport vessel come nightclub, the MS Stubnitz. This power house of a mix just goes to show how long Dimi has been at the forefront of the techno sound that he helped develop in his home country. And even though it was captured in 2005 it still sounds just as forward thinking and fresh now as it undoubtedly did then.

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